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good morning, america. killer heat wave moving east. the nation's power grid and food supply under stress. this morning, we put the human body to the sweat test. attacked by a shark. the insiside sry of the little girl in just a foot and a half of water, as her mother watches in horror, just a few feet away as her daughter is attacked. brink of disaster. >> there's somebody is in the water. >> the dramatic moments before niagara falls pulled this hiker under. and the chance encounter that saved her life. then the so-called goddess speaks. inside charlie sheen's world with one of the women who know him best. our exclusive conversation with bree olson. what really happened in that mansion.
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and good morning, everyone. george is still on a little break. and we're delighted to have david muir back with us. >> great week with you, robin. >> we're enjoying it. and we're also glad to have the shuttle back on solid ground. applause breaking out at mission control. the crew is off the shuttle in cape canaveral. >> robin, as you know, they're returning home after that 13-day mission, the 135th shuttle journey. and of course, this morning we mark the final one for the program that began more than 30 years ago. the end of an era. and we'll have more on the milestone in just a moment. when they get off that shuttle, it's hot down here. >> scorching temperatures all across the country. sam outside here in times square. already almost 80 degrees, sam? >> yeah. robin, when you hear the temperatures, you think it's just summertime. it's 79 degrees in times square right now.
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but the humidity is 87%, which is like a steam room. the duration is just as impressive as temperatures. we've got 18 days in ray row in dallas at or above 100 degrees. and the warmest july in 34 years in chicago. today's headline, add more people to the big heat. emergency rooms are at 100% capacity in cincinnati, ohio. roads in louisiana are buckling under heat stress. livestock is dying in record dakota. in minnesota and south >> it's bad. it's terrible. >> reporter: and the hottest heat wave in the midwest in 23 years is moving east. nearly half of the entire u.s. population, 141 million americans across two dozen states, now are under heat advisories. it's one-two punun of record heat combined with unbearable humidity. the country's highest heat index, 126 in council bluffs, iowa. heat like this is now taxing the power grid leads to thousands of power outages in the midwest. that means no air conditioner. >> the lower level of the house
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is a little bit cooler. i try not to go upstairs. >> reporter: and tension is rising. power crews were forced to leave this chicago street after being harassed by an angry neighbor. the food supply is feeling the stress, too. terry swales of abc affiliate wqad is in iowa. >> here in the quad cities, the heat and humidity has really been stressing the crops, especially the corn. and farmers are very concerned it's going to cut into their yields. >> reporter: even the skies aren't friendly in this heat. abc's barbara pinto was in chicago. >> it's so hot here at chicago o'hare, that they've banned pets from flying in the cargo holds in planes. and it's dangerous and potentially deadly. only animals small enough to fit under the seat, like max here, are able to fly. >> reporter: the bigger you are, the bigger the problem. even zoo animals are being hosed down. yesterday on "gm we showedou the heat dome thats blocking this heat and feeds on itself. and that dome opens up and flies east. so, now,ome of theation's biggest population sections from d.c. through phillinto new
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york and into boston now feel the heat that most of the nation has already been feeling for a long time. robin? >> i'm going to take it, sam. thanks. another tough day ahead. and we wanted to take a closer look at how extreme temperatures and humidity affect our bodies. it's almost immediate how our bodies try to fight back and keep cool. and dr. richard besser puts this to the test with us. >> hey, david. you know, the biggest rule in extreme heat is to keep drinking water. we all know that. you're losing so much of it at temperatures like this. but it's something you don't always think about. but when you actctlly see how much water you can lose, as we did yesterday, it's alarming. we went to crunch gym to show you the effects of heat and humidity on your body by sitting in a steam room. my weight before the steam, 197.6 pounds. i also take my pulse. 72 beats per minute. i'm going into the steam room with this device.. it's going to tell me both the temperature and humidity. when you put those numbers together it gives you the heat index. that tells you how dangerous it is outside and how much water
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your body is going to lose during the heat wave. the steam is so intense, our camera won't even work inside. it only takes a few minutes to have an effect on my body. my pulse is now 128. that's one of the first things to go up when you get too hot. in extreme heat, your heart starts pumping faster, to try to dump sweat and heat into the air. my pulse up, 56 beats. of course, this room is deliberately intense, with the heat index of over 170. and you stay in just 20 minutes. that may seem high. but in minnesota they recorded heat index is over 130. after 20 minutes we do another weigh-in. this time i'm 196.2 pounds. i lost a pound and a half of water in 20 minutes just sitting. take chicago, where the heat index was 112. abc's matt gutman tested some runners. measuring their pulses and weight. before they set off on a two-mile run. >> good luck. >> reporter: when they finished matt found both runners lost
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about a pound of water each. and their heart rates more than doubled. >> my body feels like it's on fire. and rich is back. interesting to see how much water you lost and how quickly you sweat it out. always important to point out. i wanted to ask you about two of the things you tell me are less obvious. when you stop sweating in this heat. >> you know, what your body is doing when it's sweat something releasing heat into the air. and that's so important to regulating your body. but when you s sp sweating that is saying you've lost so much that your body is trying to and it's pulling back.ssure. and your body can overheat in juststinutes doing that, to a deadly level. >> it's so important we keep our eyes on our neighbors and people most vulnerable in the heat. you were saying when someone looks pale, most look red. that's a warning sign, too. >> instead of sending blood to your skin to release heat, it's clamping down to maintain blood pressure. and that person needs treatment right away. >> all right. rich besser, thanks so much. >> plenty of water. >> drink, drink, drink. >> all right, rich. guys. now, a new terror warning. thousands of our most critical facilities including nuclear power plants on alert.
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after u.s. officials say some may have already been penetrated by potential terrorists trying to pull an inside job. abc's brian ross broke the story of this new warning which comes just weeks before the 9/11 anniversary. good morning, brian. >> that's right, robin. good morning to you. this latest intelligence report focuses on concerns that terrorists are trying to gain recruits inside major u.s. utilities. hundreds of chemical plants, oil refineries and power plants in this country provide a tempting target for terrorists, especially if an insider helps. >> there are a lot of very sensitive facilities where someone can get a job on the inside. can get access to a control room, flip a switch, which causes an elececic power grid to short-circuit, causes a pipeline to explode. >> reporter: the homeland security intelligence report issued this week, insider threat to utilities, warns that violent extremists have, in fact, obtained insider positions. >> if someone were determined
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and had the right access, the amount of damage that they could inflict could affect thousands of lives. >> reporter: the u.s. was stunned last year after the arrest in yemen of an alleged american recruit to al qaeda, sharif mobley of new jersey, who, it turned out had been employed at five different nuclear power plants in and around pennsylvania, able to pass federal background checks. >> many of these al qaeda sympathizers can pass background checks because there's nothing on file anywhere that says they're an al qaeda sympathizer living here in the united states. >> reporter: documents found in the compound of osama bin laden show he was pushing for a major attack in the u.s. to match the scale of 9/11. and al qaeda has already put the word out for recruits. in its online magazine called "inspire" looking for brothers of ours who have specialized expertise and those who work in sensitive locations. the department of homeland security says it has no specific, credible threats for
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any one utility. but that operators should understand their employees, especially disgruntled ones, may be targeted for recruitment as saboteurs. robin? >> hard to believe we're coming up on the ten-year anniversary. >> a lot of concern about what might happen between now and then. >> that's true. thanks, brian. >> thanks, robin. turning ow to politics. good news for president obama this morning. a new abc news poll, even in this economy, the president appearing stronger heading into the 2012 race than he was just a few weeks ago. we want to bring in jon karl to help weigh in on these numbers. jon, we were talking earlier on the surface it seems like a few points shift here. but given the backdrop of this economy and unemployment this is fairly dramatic. >> reporter: is pretty dramatic. and the factor seems to be the debt ceiling standoff. take a look at the numbers against mitt romney, the president has opened up a lead, a pretty significant lead you see there of 51% to 44%. the lead is even more dramatic against other other candidates. look where he was a month ago, david. mitt romney was tied with
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president obama. the big factor here, in fact, the only factor that has really changed is that independent voters have moved away from the republicans and towards the president. >> so, independent voters watching the debt showdown and weighing in. >> reporter:s that's exactly right. and don't like the way the republicans have been handling it. >> speaking of the republicans, you take a look at how they're stacking up with the race. and a familiar name starting to inch up. >> reporter: so, romney is still the front-runner if you look at the republican field. but look who is number two, not even a candidate at this point. sarah palin. she had dropped. now, she is back up. sarah -- you see michele bachmann at 12%. no other candidate in double digits. so, sarah palin. we still don't know if she's going to run. but as you know, she did say she will make a decision probably >> so, that debate over the debt ceiling continues to drive these numbers as you point out, jon. let's throw up the clock. now 11 days and counting until that deadline. bring us up to speed quickly, if you will, on where
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this stands this morning. >> reporter: late meeting last night at the white house. i expect another meeting today. but still, i can tell you no visible signs of progress on this. >> jon karl at the white house there behind the details. we know what they are dealing with today. jon, thanks so much. robin? >> all right, david. so many families along the atlantic coast worried today after a shark attack in shallow waters. a 6-year-old girl is recovering after a shark bit her on the foot and leg while she was playing close to shore. abc's steve osunsami is in topsail beach, north carolina, with the latest on that, good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that little girl was a little thing playing in water that was this high. just 18 inches. surprisingly high enough for a shark attack. the 6-year-old girl was floating ononer boogie board. had no idea what was lurking in the water just 18 inches below. the shark came from behind, grabbed on to her right leg and wouldn't let go. her mother, watching a few away,
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started screaming. >> mother yelled that the child had been apparently bit by a -- what appeared to be a shark. >> reporter: she was air lifted to a hospital two hours away. this morning, her family is grateful she is alive and in good condition. here on the carolina coast, this is the fifth shark attack on a young swimmer since last summer. 13-year-old carlin swence needed 60 stitches. >> i felt like something grabbed my foot. but then, it got really sharp. and it wasn't letting go. >> reporter: kendall parker nearly lost her hand and wrist. >> i thought it was my dad just joking around. i pulled it up and it was gushing blood. >> reporter: cassidy cartwright three weeks ago. >> it hurt. and i thought it was somebody was messing around. >> when they pulled the her out of the water, it was wide-open and a lot of blood. >> the population of sharks increases during the summer. so, the chances that interaction increases definitely at this time of year. >> reporter: the experts warn most shark attacks happen in the evening or before dawn. when sharks like the one you're seeing here, all the way up on
7:13 am
the beach, come to the shoreline to feed. >> we know to be a fact that sharks do feed closer to shore late in the afternoon, evenings, and early, early mornings. >> reporter: the experts also say you should swim in groups because sharks, like most predators, tend to go after victims that are alone. they also say swimmers should get out of the water when they're surrounded by schools of no need to be surrounded by what should be shark food. robin? >> all right, there, steve. thank you very much. something dr. richard besser told us a while ago, don't wear jewelry. it's shiny and may attract attention. >> did you see how low water was? at steve's leg. >> i know. >> very surprising. for other developing stories say good morning to josh elliott. >> good morning, david, robin and all of you. we begin with history. this morning at cape canaveral where space shuttle "atlantis" and its four-person crew touched down just before 6:00 a.m. eastern, bringing to an end
7:14 am
nasa's shuttle program. and with this single chapter in american history. and abc's lisa stark was among the record crowd there. good morning to you, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, josh. it truly was a picture-perfect landing, as "atlantis" came down. a few thousand people, invited guests only, many who had devoted years of their life to the runway applauded here as the shuttle landed. it's really so bittersweet as they were watching the end of an era. and in fact, nasa will put a permanent mark on the runway where "atlantis" touched down as a testament to the 30 years of space shuttle flight. >> and the three orbiters and a prototype will now become museum pieces on display around the country. but the bad economy has touched even nasa. so, what is next for the organization? >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of pride today. a lot of handshakes and cheers. but tomorrow reality really sets in. 4,000 pink slips go out tomorrow to nasa employees here at the kennedy space center.
7:15 am
they will be looking for new jobs as the space shuttle program winds down. the nasa administrator today insisting america will rededicate itself to getting humans back in space, to launching them again. but when that's going to happen and exactly how, that's a little murky right now. >> the questions to be answered. abc's lisa stark at cape canaveral. thank you for that. and well, it's not just nasa. a new report finds layoffs across the country are increasing at the fastest rate in nearly a year. "the wall street journal" says the companies are growing more worried about the lack of collective economic growth. and wells fargo bank has agreed to pay a record fine, $85 million, to settle mortgage fraud claims, including accusations that the bank falsified documents and pushed borrowers into higher interest loans. also, this morning, the state of texas has executed an inmate who claimed he killed a convenience store clerk and another man in revenge for the 9/11 attacks because he thought his victims were middle eastern.
7:16 am
a third victim who survived the attack actually tried to stop the execution, saying his muslim faith told him to forgive. finally a terrifying scene playing out as a leopard goes on the attack. the big cat leaping over a wall as you saw there before terrorizing a village in eastern india. it mauled 11 people. and at one point, as you can see there, pounced on a man's back. eventually the locals were able to beat it back with knives and sticks and stones. we see those photos. remarkably, though, dave and robin, no one was seriously injured. >> saw the jaws open as he was on that man's back. >> it is a common problem as those villagers push deeper and deeper into what was forest. >> into their land. all right, josh. thank you. let's get back outside. another check -- >> with the only man that looks cool. no sweat.
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it's sam. >> good morning, robin, david, josh. let's get to the boards. we have a lot to talk about with this heat. there are now 32 states under heat watches or warnings or advisories. it has spread into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. large population centers that may or may not be ready to handle this kind of heat. and forget it. it's the heat and the humidity now. your index level, 113, 112 in raleigh. and, yes, dallas, you're used to it. it feels like 111 today. here's a look at the big board. but the big deal is the heat.
7:18 am
it is already warm and steamy for most of us. so, do what you have to do ear today. david? >> great advice, sam. we'll see you here shortly. it's the morning of dramatic rescues. this is one at the most famous falls. a woman falls into the whirlpool rapids while walking with her
7:19 am
fiance. and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. here's abc's jim sciutto now. >> reporter: lindsay burgess was hiking near one of the world's most powerful waterfalls until she tried to get closer to the water. too close. >> i wanted to touch the beauty. >> reporter: just moments after this video was taken, those churning waters behind her sucked her in. >> it's almost like somebody pulled me in because i remember one leg just sliding down. >> reporter: how powerful? ten-times more powerful than the legendary rapids that carve the grand canyon. >> it feels like a tornado underneath the water. >> reporter: evening worse, nothing and no one floats. not even with a life jacket. its downward pull just too strong. her only potential rescuers, passengers and crew of the sightseeing whirlpool jet boat. >> i went immediately to where she was. she was being held by the current. >> reporter: for her fiance,
7:20 am
rich, watching helplessly on shore it was sheer terror. >> i felt like, you know, i love her so much. and just to have her ripped out of my life, you know, like that and i was horrified. >> reporter: it's a story with this happy ending. >> i'll be thinking about you guys every day for the rest of my life. >> reporter: that almost never came to be. last night, we were there when we got to meet the captain for the first time. a heartfelt thank you and a second chance at life. >> you gave me everything, you know. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jim sciutto, abc news, washington. >> wow. if they can survive that, they'll have a great marriage. >> yes, they will, david. coming up, what really happened inside this multimillionaire's mansion? his girlfriend and young son dying within days of the each other. new details about their relationship. yesterday morning here, we told you about the young sister act, no longer singing songs about hate. they saw that story and weighed in afterwards. the exclusive interview this morning. whwhthey say they're being
7:21 am
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three-year contract as executive director of the municipal transportation agency. he will oversee 5,000 employees including muni drivers that are fighting for a contract. he is well regarded by the mayor and board of supervisors. there any problems out with the commute. it's been pretty good so far this thursday morning. we do have an accident cleared in the hayward area. southbound 580 a right at the san mateo bridge area. southbound 101, whistle, an accident also cleared to the side of the road
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right now as we come up 7:30 a little cooler today. clouds coming in from the coast. that is where we'll see the biggest drop in temperatures. 50s and 60s right now. destination right now, upper 70s to 80 around bay shore. low to mid 90s inland. cooling for everybody starts tomorrow.
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. well, right there, bears turning up everywhere, night now. turning up in neighborhoods from new jersey to new mexico backyards and just blocks from schools. those dramatic showdowns. we'll show you just ahead as you see right there coming out of a tree. >> a stun gun. and then it falls. >> how authorities handle these very tense situations. as we say, good morning, america. one more alarm clock, we like to say. >> one more alarm clock. >> thursday or friday eve. >> friday eve. is that what we call it here? >> getting up to speed on the lingo. >> first show of the day. >> i'll call you later. >> it's a marathon. >'ll let you know how that goes. >> wow. the bears are something. we'll get to that. but the story that juju chang was here with the twin sisters that used to sing about
7:31 am
white supremacy. they had changed their tune. they're 19 now. and called us s ght after that story yesterday morning. there's something even newer about their lives they wanted to share with us. and that exclusive is just ahead. >> juju had a chance to talk with them. she'll share that with us. and the video that had so many people talking. member yesterday? paris hilton, politely walking out on our dan harris. and -- >> look at him. >> it got us thinking, david, about other well-known interview exits. some of our faves coming up. >> poor dan. we set him up again today. we'll check that out. >> we'll see. but first, it's the latest on the mysterious death of the woman found bound and hanging in her millionaire boyfriend's california mansion. her bizarre death coming just days before his 6-year-old son died. now, police are rushing the taxology reports of both autopsies. and abc's abbie boudreau has the latest for us. good morning, abbie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this tiny, little beach town is
7:32 am
the last place you'd expect 15 detectives working overtime, trying to figure out exactly what happened in the mansion behind me. behind the walls of this landmark 27-room mansion, 2 mysterious deaths in less than a week. 6-year-old max shacknai died just a week after falling from the mansion's master staircase. 32-year-old rebecca zahau found days after max's fall, hanging from a noose from the second-floor balcony, unclothed. her limbs bound with what appeared to be electrical cord. both lived in the home o oed by jonas shacknai, the wealthy ceo of medicis pharmaceutical. max, his son, rebecca his live-in girlfriend. adding to the mystery, police say shacknai was not home during either incident. zahau's body was discovered by his brother, adam. >> suicide and homicide can look similar. that's why it's so important to
7:33 am
pay attention to the details. >> reporter: this morning, abc news is learning new details about the relationship between the two victims and shacknai. sources say zahau and shacknai dated for nearly three years and had a happy and loving relationship. >> she was the sweetest girl you could possibly imagine. >> reporter: her trainer said that zahau often brought the 6-year-old to the gym. >> she was always smiling with him. and they had a really good relationship. >> reporter: shacknai had been married twice before. his last marriage to max's mother, dina shacknai, ended in divorce with accusations of verbal and physical assault. in these photos obtained by abc news you can see scratches on her shoulder and cuts on her arm and knees. she told police she was attacked by shacknai's german shepherd. in a police report she said she feared her husband and wrote "she was scared of what he's capable of doing to me physically and the lengths he would go to try to destroy me." shacknai denied that to police, saying dina filed false and
7:34 am
misleading reports. and they offered a joint statement saying, quote, while our marriage did not work out as either of us had hoped it did produce a wonderful son max whom both of us loved very much. his loss is unimaginable. zahau's sister tells abc news she had a conversation with rebecca the night before she died. they spoke off and on for about 4 1/2 hours. she says rebecca was going to go visit max in the hospital later the next day. and she insists, she still believes her sister did not kill herself. david? >> this story sad all the way around. that little smile on that little bobo max. we'll turn to those new detaililon twin sisters who first made h hdlines about singing about white supremacy. as we told you yesterday morning here on "gma," they're now teenagers who say they've changed their tune and embrace diversity. but after our report they had more to say. they spoke with abc's juju, who is here with us again today. good morning, juju.
7:35 am
>> good morning, david. i spent a solid heated hour on the phone with the gaede twins. and while they refused to go on camera they told me they spent years controlled by their mother and manipulated by the media. they say it's left them traumatized and misunderstood. five years after this shocking image first aired on abc news, the twins now say they were told to perform a nazi salute by a documentary crew. back then, the 12-year-old aspiring pop stars called themselves prussian blbl. ♪ >> reporter: and the twins say this newspaper headline is wrong. the now 19-year-olds insist they were never neo-nazis or skinheads, merely white separatists. but the blond-hair blue-eyed twins once served as the darlings of the white supremacist movement. >> we are proud of being white. we want to keep staying white. >> reporter: david duke, an outspoken racist and former ku klux klan grand wizard used them to draw a crowd.
7:36 am
>> lamb and lynx. >> reporter: but lynx says we didn't choose the venues. it was a job. and lamb says, i don't know what kind of authentic message a 12-year-old can send. i even believe santa existed. back then, their mother home-schooled them and was and still is committed to the power movement. >> if they were christians, they'd be singing maybe christian rock songs. but we're not. we're white nationalists. of course, that's a part of our life. >> reporter: but the girls told memever the years we received death threats. we saw dark sides on both sides of the issue. it caused us stress and sadness. that's why we pulled out, said lamb. we can't stand to be subjected to that anymore. their mother responded and say, you have i've got to remember they change their mind every five seconds. they're 19-year-old girls. and today, the only cause the girls say they advocate is medical marijuana. lynx says it saved her life
7:37 am
after a bout of cancer. lamb uses it for back pain and scoliosis. >> they say they're not white supremacists anymore. but they are white separatists. >> their mother is a white separatist. they say they love diversity and all cultures. asked them if they regretted ththsinging career. they said while they regret being associated with the aryan nation they don't regret the people they met. >> do they listen to their old music? >> they don't love it. they don't listen to folk, they said. they never controlled what music they would sing or what type. >> they don't even listen to their own stuff. to sam, still outside. is there sweat anywhere, sam? we were amazed at how cool you looked. >> i would think that comes under the tmi to share of information. so, i'll leave it right there. but let's deal with -- if we said good morning to everything who is warm at this point and a little too hot it would be most of the nation. but washington, d.c., 81, 82
7:38 am
degrees this morning but 85% of humidity. and wpvi, in philadelphia. it's the one station thahas dominant in philadelphia. it's 78 there but 90% humidity. you can see the haze in the hair. three-day heat wave continues today as the dome of high pressure opens up and gives you temperatures in the 90s. d.c. will go to 100. but it all of that toasty weather brought to you by thomas' english muffins. oh, robin? >> all right, sam. i know you were tempted to put on your flip-flops. but i see you don't have them on. >> wait. don't show. >> it's early.
7:39 am
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lines, wrinkles, and sun damage will fade. roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. well now that the growing bear scares this morning, they seem to be turning up everywhere and means potentially dangerous run-in. many are caught on tape and neal karlinsky has them. >> reporter: what do a new jersey pool, a seattle area home
7:43 am
and the new mexico governor's mansion all have in common? >> upper tree, nick. >> reporter: bear trouble. big bear trouble. >> it's a black bear. i cannot believe it. it's in our yard. >> reporter: wildlife officials are already calling it the summer of the bear. >> the reason we're seeing more bears coming down into these areas is because of that hot, dry weather and the lack of natural forage they would depend on. >> reporter: in pennsylvania another bear in a backyard pool. this time playing with a ball. outside seattle, cameras captured a standoff between police and a bear in a driveway just blocks from an elementary school. >> we're talking about an adult bear here jumping all sizes of fences with ease growling and charges people. >> reporter: not far away one was shot with a tranquilize story get it out of a tree behind some apartments. after a semi soft landing, it was hauled off and banished to the woods. in new mexico, the governor is now asking the public to be on
7:44 am
guard for bears displaced by wildfires after seeing this not so little guy strolling outside the governor's mansion. in a strange way, officials say there is good news in all this, because it means there are more bears after years of urban sprawl driving them away. >> really doesn't bother me. i've lived in this neighborhood. >> reporter: best advice, keep your garbage locked up tight. bears don't like people. they just want your leftovers. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> some good advice there. can we rerack the tape? that's about the calmest reaction i've ever heard. >> it's a black bear. i cannot believe it. it's in our yard. >> so calm and cool like that. >> was someone hit with a tranquilizer gun? >> snds that way. even in connecticut, black bears are coming more into the neighborhood. >> gardens and erything. >> the heat wave is partly responsible but experts also tell us another reason for the
7:45 am
rising numbers of encounters is something there are morere bear that are out there. >> maybe just walk off like paris hilton did yesterday. >> i was wondering how you would work that in. >> dan harris is standing by. what was the true story about this moment. come on back. ♪ [ birds chirping ] ♪ mmm! hot fudge sundae?!?
7:46 am
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7:49 am
mary j. >> walking which could be an occupational hazard. paris hilton walking out of an interview with our dan harris. there you see it. that fateful moment and her walk out got us to thinking about some other high-profile peeps who have stormed off interview sets and take a look at some of our favorites. ah, the interview walkout. supermodels indite. >> we're not answeringnghese questions. >> football players do it. >> i'm done. sorry. >> reporter: evevehosts of "the view" do it. but is there a right way to leave when the questions get
7:50 am
rough? well, tip number one, don't get tangled up with those pesky microphones. you could end up being left behind like maurice gibbs from the bee gees who struggled to remove his. tip number two, find a clear exit like former bachelor contestant vienna during an interview about her breakup. >> you're the most insane person i've met in my life. i'm over it. >> tip number three, leave like a gentleman. as rob pat continueson did when he walked out on a ryan seacrest radio interview when questions turned to his love life. maybe jim everett should have tried this with jim rome. do you ever worry about your moment having passed? and remember as paris hilton demonstrated with h r dan harris, it's always best to
7:51 am
finish the interview on a good note. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> but it ended with a hug. >> it did. >> i want a hug again. thank you, david. >> bree olson, one of charlie sheen's -- >> i'm not going to say whether she walked off. >> what? what? >> this is it. i'm out of here. >> robin, do i get a hug? >> no. the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. can be even more powerful, with precise pain relieving cream.
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7:56 am
san francisco police chief greg suhr says he'll return to the bayview district for another community meeting. he was interrupted last night. some residents are upset over a fatal police shooting that allegedly fired at police first. an investigation is under way. temperatures are lower than yesterday. >> especially as you get closer to the coast. 70 in san francisco, mid on 70s and near 80 around the bay shore. mid 90s in the east bay valleys. all of us feel the cooling trend
7:57 am
tomorrow and hangs out through wednesday. problems getting into san francisco from the peninsula northbound 101 at caesar chavez, right lane with an accident, towing crowds are trying to get there and spedz about 15 miles an hour. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ yeah yeah ♪ in the e a ♪ party in the usa, a party right here in times square. they don't care about the heat. >> doesn't keep them away. >> you put sam on a posterboard. you will get on television. >> you're on. sam is operating the camera. >> it's a given as we say good morning, america. george wrapping up some vacation time with his family. david is here by our side and lara, she's back in l.a. what's going on, lara? >> hey, you guys, we are so looking forward to supermodel and supermogul tyra banks.
8:01 am
she's here to tell us about her new season on "america's next model" and her surprising new project. we'll have that for you back in new york. >> has this new little look. have you heard about it, the eye thing that she has, smiling with your smiles -- smiling with your eyes? >> oh, yeah, it's all right there. >> that is. so tyra will be here. >> i'm d dng it right now. >> i'm smiling with my eyes. >> you're not feeling it listen, is dan harris still even here? he's coming on back and he's got an exclusive since wasn't challenging enough. charlie sheen's excess ex-goddess. >> someone has found the secret to living happily ever after. the couple says the key to that relationsh relationship. i'm not going to tell you. >> oh. >> but they have the key to
8:02 am
living happily ever -- that was a good pregnant pause. >> it was. didn't know where you were going with that. wait for it but we will share that with you. josh has the other top stories for us this morning. >> what is going on with you people today? who knows? it's usually me going off the rails. all hugs and kisses this morning here on the set and at cape canaveral where the crew space shuttle "atlantis" is celebrating a picture-perfect landing. "atlantis" brings to an end their 30-year shuttle program. 135 missions in all and despite so many questions now about the future of the space program, and the impending layoffs at nasa, commander chris ferguson said this morning he's confident the shuttle program will serve as an inspiration for generations to come. >> although we got to take the ride, we sure hope that everybody who has ever worked or touched or looked at or envied or admired a space shuttle was
8:03 am
able to take just a little part of the journey with us. we'll put "atlantis" in a museum now along with the other three orbiters for generations that will come after us to admire and appreciate. >> as he just said the shuttles will become museum pieces on display in florida, california, virginia and new york. meanwhile, the killer heat wave gripping much of the nation blamed for at least 22 deaths and the heat has moved east with the first day of unbearable humidity expected in all major cities of the northeast. sam returns with that forecast in moments. three hikers are now presumed dead at yosemite national park after being swept over a 300-foot plus waterfall. two men and one woman were part of a church outing posing for pictures when they lost their footing and fell into the water. this morning homeland security is warning al qaeda may be poised to strike power plants and other utility as cross the country. a new report says that violent extremists have already obtained
8:04 am
positions at these facilities enabling them to pull off an inside job. there has been no specific credible threat so far but experts say someone with the right access to inflict major damage. the tsa's installing new technology in some airports with privacy in mind. body scanners will soon show only the generic outline of a person's body instead of the naked image. the new software is designed to recognize only items on the passenger that could pose a security threat. and in medical news a wide-ranging study finds tamer people are at greater risk for almost every kind of cancer than shorter people. for every four inches in height the risk grows some 126% but say shorter people don't actually have an advantage. as it turns out that taller folks tend to have better overall health. and we want to end the newscast by showing you something truly bizarre. a new twist on the old fable,
8:05 am
"the tortoise and the hare." when the tortoise has an amputated leg, you think the hahar ech hare has an advantage. this one has a swivelling caster-style wheel attached to his shell and doctors say it's happening just fine and should laststhe fella orlady, we don't know, years and years. >> now he has a way to past all the other turtle. >> thanks, josh.rt of. who is off the rails? i think that was us. lara you're all the way in tinseltown, the pop heat index. >> totally appropriate index. talking about the hot,ew sexy stuff. you know, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. kim kardashian not feeling that suing old navy for between $15 million to $20 million for what she says is unauthorized useness
8:06 am
of the like has and persona. if you look really closely and squint you might mistake this look alike for kim and maybe that's what happened her bus ex reggie bush is dating the look-alike. kind of weird for her part, melissa molinaro says it's extremely flattering to be compared to kardashian and the publicity probably hurt either. to be continued there. how is this for outrageous? the rumor mill starting off about who will be on the upcoming "dancing with the stars". snooki may break out the bump-it and hit the floor. back when her co-star the situation was on the show, snooki not so positive on the experience. saying he made a idea bad decision" by doing the show.. we hope he'll be more supportive with her.
8:07 am
hit me a one. there you go. science news. if you're considering taking a moonlit stroll where lions roam, you need to hear this. 500 attacks on a tanzaniaen village, two-thirds occurred just after a full on. the most dangerous timee for a human to be taking stroll near lions just after sunset the day after a full moon, crust a little food for thought. and finally prince charles says he's not feeling very hot thoho days, but his comments are definitely buzzy in the water cooler department. after meeting tprince harry's apache helicopter, prince charles admitted he's not of the playstation generation and joked like many dads he feels past his sell by date and we doubt that very much. we think he's quite fresh.
8:08 am
that's what's happening in your pop news heat index. ba back to you. >> she'll be back before you know it. coming up later with another piece. back outside. i believe sam is now with the people. sam? >> oh, robin. forget all the polite words we used early because it is now -- what's our official word? >> sweltering. >> but we've got another word too. it's your birthday. happy birthday. you would describe yourself as. >> sweet and spicy? >> which is one word. >> scicy. >> i like it. as you head out the door, it is likely your skies look like this. wtvd, our favorite, call it the only station in raleigh that counts showing you the picture of the heat and humidity out in your town and most of the nation today, 32 states have heat
8:09 am
watch, warnings or advisories. it's not just these ones. just mark it off as another day above 1200 or humidity, as well, that makes it sweltering. swicy. the only place it's not is the west coast which actually happens to be pretty good. you could use a little extra sunshine but temperatures are >> we are live in timim square but we are also live in los
8:10 am
angeles. lara spencer. >> thank you very much. sam champion, here's a look at what's ahead on our "gma" morning menu. bree olson, one of charlie sheen's former goddesses tells all about living with the tv star and there's a lot to tell. l. coming up, is living apart the key to living happily ever after? why one couple says yes. and then it's tyra's world. we just live . tyra banks live in times square wiwi the latest news on top models and her exciting new book just for girls. all that and more coming up on "gma." mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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[ male announcer ] it has an hd webcam for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood. but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. yet. [ male announcer ] powered by the 2nd gen intel core processor family. not just smart. visibly smart. integet an inspiron 15rmily. with 6 gig memory and 640 gig hard drive for $599.99 at . now to a glimpse inside the
8:15 am
turbulent world of charlie sheen. one of his so-called goddesses bree olson is speaking out about her time living there with sheen and what really happened inside that mansion and abc's dan harris sat down with olson. >> good morning to you. her name is rachel oberlin by birth. changed her name to bree olson. became a porn star then became one of charlie sheen's goddesses and now she says the behind-the-scenes reality was quite different than what they presented publicly at the time. when we first met her, she was part of the trio at the heart of charlie sheen's bizarre world "ozzy and harriet." >> these are the women that completed the three parts of my heart. >> bree olson was one of sheen's so-called goddess as longside natalie kenly, a one-time marijuana model. >> natty and charlie have their own special connection and natty
8:16 am
and i have our own relationship. >> even though they portrayed it as close-knit and kinky. was it a tense environment. >> at times. >> between the two of you, the women, not you and charlie. >> it was like you could cut the air with a knife sometimes. i felt like i couldn't show charlie the affection and the love that wanted to show him because of how she would react. >> seems crazy to everybody else, but for us i mean it works well and we all love and respect each other and respect each other's boundaries. >> yeah, well, i don't know what to tell you. i think she was trying to convince herself that it was great. but i mean she was crying like every day. she was really upset about it. >> reporter: so how did a farm girl from ft. wayne, indiana end up as part of this love triangle? it all started when she was a
8:17 am
19-year-old premed student. what got you interested in the adult movie business? >> it's something i'd always been interested in. i've always been very insatiable sexually. >> reporter: five years later she was one of the most popular and highly paid porn stars in america which is how she met charlie sheen who had a long-running interest in adult film stars. what did you like about him. >> he made me laugh just like every other thing he said. he doesn't have a regular how's the weather conversation, you know. >> reporter: they started dating almost right away. she says she was aware of the reports of sheen's violence, allegedly holding up a knife to his ex-wiferooke mueller and trashing a hotel room with another porn star in it but figured it was all tabloid misrepresentation. but were you not concerned there might be a kernel of truth to it and maybe you were putting yourself in a dicey situation. >> i believe that from most rumors there'some truth, but i
8:18 am
wasn't -- i did not get that vibe from him whatsoever. >> reporter: have you ever seen him benave a violent way. >> no, i've never seen charlie behave violently in any situation. >> reporter: you never felt personally scared or threatened? >> no. >> reporter: olson swears up and down she has never seen sheen do dawgs even when she moved into his home in february. what did surprise her, she says, was natty. so you moved in and you find out there's another woman living there too? >> on the rigde over there his assistant says did you -- did charlie tell you about natty and i said who and he was like, oh, then i get to the house and there she is standing in the kitchen and she didn't look too happy to see me with my bags. >> reporter: one week after the war between sheen and the creator of "two and a half men"
8:19 am
began and during all those interviews with the talk of tiger blood and winning, olson and natty watched smilingly from the couch. a lot of people saw those interviews he did and thought this guy appears to be psychologically unbalanced. >> he would still talk the truth of stuff but at the same time he was just cracking so many jokes because he was just bred. relaxed and trying to have fun and people that don't know him don't get it. >> reporter: even during those incomprehensible web casts? >> the worms of freedom have gone all insane i plucked them or sucked them from the heart of my brain. >> maybe that was his way off venting or getting stress out, stress release because i was with him almost every time of the day and he seemed perfectly kosher and fine to me. >> reporter: the memory that stings the most interest that period, she says, is the uproar over the goddesses caring for sheen's two young sons. >> that is so absurd that, oh, a
8:20 am
porn star is not capable of being around children just because i've chosen to do what everyone else does in this whole entire world on camera does not make me i uneligible to be around children. >> reporter: olsen stayed with sheen during the beginning of his disastrous store but the meddling of natty led her to leave. these days she's on the cover of the most recent "playboy" magazine but even though she's single you will not catch her saying anything negative about charlie sheen. you're pretty fiercely protective of him. >> i always will be. he's like -- i always felt -- i always felt like he's just -- i see like little charlie in him, you know, i see like little boy charlie that i just want to protect from like the world of that's after him. >> little boy charlie so what's next for bree olson? she insists she's trying to get out of the porn business and try
8:21 am
to spend the next year to spend getting into mainstream acting. it that fails she wants to get married and have kids. she is most definitely not in touch with natty. we reached out to natty and she didn't want to comment. >> she doesn't want to talk so much about him. >> so much in her speech free about herself. she does not say anything negative about him except for he hey have made s se mistakes along the way. >> then again, who hasn't? sam champion is right behind you. >> little tv secret. >> he's right there. >> everyone getting me in trouble. i'm working back here -- now -- >> but i'm trying to look at you. he's tweeting away. >> he's distracting, isn't he? >> david, david never is. david? >> i just sit where i'm supposed to. i mean -- i don't know. >> wow.
8:22 am
>> this is hard work. >> cue the music. >> there we go. nice segue. this next story will same tame after the dan harris piece. a tale that started with a happily married couple living in separate apartments but then things take a dramatic turn. john berman is here to tell us abououit. >> love and money. you know, how tough is this economy? well, it's forcing one happily married couple to move in together. yes, you heard that right. one couple with one of the strangest living arrangements imaginable had to go conventional. can they survive together is the question we put out. for more than four years co-let and alan were certain they had discovered the key to marital bliss. completely separate apartments. >> i don't see why we have to live with each other. i say it's great. i go home when i want. i don't have to do his laundry.
8:23 am
>> reporter: the subject of "two's a crowd." the 50 something couple lived re than a mile apart. perfectly in love. >> we get along very well but also can be a product of us not living together. >> reporter: they met online more than ten years ago. both had a history of bad marriages and annoying relationships. >> after two weekend, the second weekend at my place iat in my bathroom read iing. >> reporter: they vowed it would never happen again. they did spend weekends together at her place but the weekdays apart and we know what you're thinking. they say they have always had a completely genuine monogamous relationship with benefits. >> we don't want to spoil that commitment by having sexual relationships with other people which can just confuse things and get weird. >> reporter: but for all the apparent perfection of their relationship there was a
8:24 am
problem. money. like so many people, the recession hit them hard so in 2009 they decided to move in together and to co l ochlcolett apartment. >> we would have been happy to get along in separate apartment. >> we're getting older and don't have anything saved so now we realized we have to live together. >> reporter: a married couple living together? imagine. just another casualty of this economy, now, 20 months later could they defy the odds and live in the same place at the same time? i paid a visit. . >> hey, come on in. >> hi there. how are you? >> hello. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: no visible damage to the apartment or each other, so how is it going? >> on a scale of one to ten, i'd go overly to 11. >> really? >> reporter: how did they manage? it might not seem like the most
8:25 am
romantic arrangement. he has his room and she has hers. but why do you have the sliding doors. >> this is to difficult me some privacy. >> reporter: it's not just the doors. >> this is where you sleep. >> this is where i will sleep during the week most often. considering that collette is up all night doing her things. >> do you ever invite collette over. >> yes, i will call her on my cell phone. >> reporter: that's not just a little bit messed up. >> i'm sure there will be people watching it that think it is very messed up. >> it does work for us. >> reporter: he has to walk through her room to get to the bathroom. not big enough to share. >> i don't understand brushing teeth together. i don't think that's the romantic part of marriage. >> you don't? no, not brushing teeth. >> reporter: he does still spend the weekends at her place and
8:26 am
they clearly seem affection pat and swear this is about space and respect and love on their terms. >> it's been a long time since i've lived with someone and it's nice to come home and have somebody there. >> you can fit your husband. >> yes, especially. >> i have to say they are deeply in love. they swear they're more in love now and have a better relationship than when they first met ten years ago even though, david, they are're livi together. >> i love the scale of 1 to 10 and he says 11. two's a crowd by jim. sler. would you like it if your spouse had his or her place. vote right now on your smartphone, app or iphone. tyra next on "gma."
8:27 am
investigators are searching for the cause of a san francisco house fire that for a while started to take out an entire block of homes. flames shot off the roof in lower haight. it burned for about an hour. residents were gone and everybody got out safely. the fire chief said last night's wind made eight particularly difficult fire to fight. seeing the commute more difficult spots right now. >> san francisco first of all, northbound 101, an accident blocking right lane, and caesar chavez and westbound 580 at bascom slow traffic remains. san mateo bridge westbound at the toll plaza, we have an
8:28 am
accident blocking the right lane. >> we'll talk to mike about the very n n n n n n n n n n n n n n
8:29 am
welcome back. beautiful picture of coit tower, sunny and clouds at the coast and that is where the cooler temperatures will reside. 50s and 60s right now. only make the 60s along the coast with those clouds and sea breeze will keep san francisco at 70, 75 in oakland.
8:30 am
cooler width is on the way for all of us starting tomorrow through the rest of the forecast. >> thanks a lot. >> have a great day. ♪ the glamorous glamorous >> oh, my goodness. welcome back live to "good morning america." and say hello to tyra banks. she is here. she has so much going on and i know you're wondering, well, what's with that above her eye? she will explain to america next top model and so much more. she's got a book that's coming out. she's got a little bit of everything. she's at harvard so we'll talk to tyra coming up. let me tell you both something, coming out the door with all these photographers, you don't want to be around tyra banks because they're like get out of the way, robin, the photograp r photographers.
8:31 am
>> way back. bringing up the rear. also coming up, extreme makeover makeup edition. the woman who can't stop buying can she really change her ways? we'll get into that. the foods you love may be dangerous for your pets. we'll break down what's safe and not and i'm getting the band back together. we'll be taking everything wrong. first speaking of sam, i didn't want to tell at the very last moment it's like walking into a sauna. >> as soon as you step outside the door you get hit in the head with that. heavy like that in a lot of the country. your twitter pictures tell the story. everybody sending us ways to keep cool, head toward the water. showing us how hot it is, 105, 115 degrees is what a lot of people are facing and feeling like. here's the heat index level. the humidity in combination with that heat makes it feel like 120
8:32 am
degrees in louisville. that makes it so difficult for your body to cool down. only way you can is sweating or staying cool and that's not going to work easily for you. big look at the big board. small area of thunderstorms popping up. scattered chance for storms, eastern side of the gulf coast, it try to cool things down a bit. the problem is you get more moisture on the ground when you get thunderstorms and heat like this and makes it feel all that have weather was brought to you by dell there is a whole lot of lovely going on right here. >> oh, my goodness. they love this woman right here. she is america's next top media mogul. we know her from tv, of course,
8:33 am
we know her as a supermodel. as you know she's also at harvard business school. she's already a huge success and going back to school and has a new book coming out, fabulous, it's called "model land." ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the one, the only tyra banks. >> hi. >> cooking in the sun. >> i'm dressed for the fall. i don't know what's going on. >> you look good. okay, what's up? >> what's one my eye. okay, so at model lapd, this fantasy world in my novel if you find one of these which i callla smise, it increases your chances of getting into the most exclusive school in the entire world, the school that creates the most amazing supermodels. it increases your chances by 91% chance. >> robin, there you go. >> uh-huh.
8:34 am
styling with your eyes, robin. >> ooh, yes. >> thank you. >> oh, we're going to make a debut -- thank you. you're always teaching me. we'll put up on the jumbotron, we want 0 show you the cover of "modelland." look up here, people. >> oh, my gosh. >> you see the smile. >> that is the smile with the eyes. >> you're always teaching -- i remember one of ththlast times i saw you, i was so nervous at walking in and isaac mizrahi's show and you showed me how to walk it and work it so, very, very appreciative. back when i had long hair and you were just -- wintertime there. >> look at that. >> now you're teaching me how -- the slides and everything like that. >> i've been writing "modelland" for five years.
8:35 am
>> you talk about it in that. >> it's about that school that is a narrow definition to get into it and the models have magic in the school. most definitely so total adventure novel and that's four girls that make it into the school that are not supposed to be there because they have different looks that the school is going what's going on? three-parrott series. this is my first one. >> you wrote this. robin, i wrote itt and spent so much time in leibbys and when i was working on "america's next model," i would leave that set and got carpal tunnel andnd typ with two fingers, my heart, my baby, sold. >> i don't know a aut that magic but that comes from the creative writing and no rules and you just kind of make it up as you go. >> i don't know how you found time to write the book. now you're this the harvard business school which for three weeks a yearou have to live on
8:36 am
campus in a dorm. >> in a dorm. i was freaking out. when they told me i have to live in a dorm. there's a hotel two blocks away. they're like, do you want to come to harvard. >> can security stay next to me in a dorm? you want to come to harvard but now i would not want to have it any other way. we've bonded and we're eating in the beginning there was one guy that i was sitting next to, 75% of my class is foreign and he said, you look just like tyra and three days later, he is like, i hate you, i can't believe you did that. she wants your picture, my wife. but they don't care. tyra. >> it's so important t t you an it's sending such a wonderful message because you have been successful in all you've undersustain and yet you want to
8:37 am
go back to school. >> i look up to walt disney. what he has done, when kids to go to disneyland they're like, this is a cool world. they have no idea he had a clear objective of what he wanted to bring for family entertainment. that's what i want to do for young women around the world. the message empowering them is bigger than me. i want years from now for people to be experiencing model land and for the moms to go, there was a girl named terror who began this. really? who cares? >> that's your motivation. cannot believe it's going to be the next 17th season. signed up for -- this is an all-star version. >> i have girls from cycle one on until now. the fans' favorites. i'm editing the show right now. it is crazy. >> it is. >> because already all these
8:38 am
they're effervescent and pop. i have them singing songs, doing music video. if i tried to stop modeling now, i wouldn't be a supermodel now. >> you have this website blowing up of people of all walks of life. >> personalization. you can go on the website, i'm robin roberts, this eye are this color and we'll start giving you articles based on who you are. >> personalized. >> you always make people feel special. >> it's coming out september 13th but you can preorder it right now. >> we'll talk more about the special series. we thank tyra banks for being here. go on our website. we'll link you up to all you need to know. coming up next -- >> i go to give a thank you.
8:39 am
flash point academy, did the book cover. you know they're going to work it. flash point. >> all right. thank you. we have more coming up.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
some women might tell you they can never have enough makeup. i'm one of them. different color, different brands n. fact, we met another woman who admits her c clection is out of control. so we sent abc's abbie boudreau and an expert organizer to her home to see if we could give this makeup hoarder a little help. ♪ countless lipsticks. >> pretty color. >> it's pretty, right? >> reporter: rows upon rows of eye shadows. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: no, this is not a department store. it's where jennifer puts on her makeup every day at home. she says she spends hundreds a month on new products and hates to throw any of it away. >> yeah, that orange lipstick
8:43 am
looked hideous on me, but, you know, but it was 20 bucks. >> reporter: this 45-y-yr-old fashion designer and mother of three admits her makeup madness has gotten out of control. >> my favorite lipstick. if i can find it. >> reporter: drawers packed so tightly with products they don't come closeo closing. >> i realize i have a bit of a problem but, you know, part of it is being a girl, you get to have fun. >> reporter: how old were you when you started wearing makeup? >> i think i was probably the typical like about 12 years old. honestly for me, i, you know, have always had bad skin and have been so self-conscious of it since i can remember but the other part was, you know, my mother is gorgeous. and so when you feel like the ugly duckling and your mother is just this beautiful goddess and when she comes to school you're so proud, maybe that's all this is, i'm trying to be as pretty as mom.
8:44 am
>> reporter: after more than 30 years in pursuit of perfection makeup has become a crush, not just wearing it but buying it she says makes her feel better. >> can you find it? >> i really am in need of an organizer. >> reporter: we surprised her with the help of expert organizer cori roffler. >> hi, we'll work some magic. i promise you we will get you organized top to bottom in no time. >> reporter: jennifer and cori got to work clearing the clutter. >> i probably have way too many powders. >> reporter: know your products' expiration dates. >> your powder-based products really only should be kept for about two years. ur cream-based products, like foundations and shadows are only about a year and then mascaras and eyeliners, three to six months top. >> reporter: tip two, toss what you don't use. >> i dent like this. >> reporter: another piece of advice, for every new purchase,
8:45 am
something old must be thrown away and finally, set aside products only used on special occasions in separate bin ladens. >> do you find it's part of the reason people do this is because of insecurities or using it as a crutch? >> that definitely can be the case. there's some emotional reason and for the makeup it's definitely feeding that self-esteem, her wanting to feel better. especially if there were issues with your mom. it's definitely an emotional piece to the puzzle and so part of it is not only organizing but trying to give ourselves some self-compassion and some self-love. >> reporter: cori stayed behind to work her magic while we hit up the local cvs. right away she eyes a new mascara and can't resist. >> this is the one that's got good reviews. >> 27 minutes and 70 bucks later we head home for the big reveal. >> oh, my god. it looks like a department store. it's all laid out. i can fit in here now.
8:46 am
that's amazing. oh, my gosh. i do still have a lot of stuff. >> reporter: remember those overflowing drawers. >> i can't believe this is going to do it. >> you did it. >> do you think you'll be able to keep you up with it? >> i will. i definitely will. i think it's going to be something in, something out. we want to contain this. this is great. >> reporter: but only time will tell. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, san jose, california. >> some good tips there that i will use, one, two, three makeup bags, i'm on the indication, abbie. thanks for the tips. picnicking and the top
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
welcome back to "good morning america" on a thursday morning. it is summer, of course, feels like it out here for sure. it's the season for picnic, bash kushgs all that great food we bring out. not always safe for the pets. josh and sam have got some pets in arm and we'll try to figure out -- these are foods that are not necessarily safe for one or the other or the other, right, bird, dogs or cats. >> pop quiz. all of these to one pet at least. >> dr. marty becker will quiz us. what is this? you invite me here for this? >> this is clark. >> clark. >> the three amigos ride again. >> we will do better today. a lemon and a lime. >> it's ubiquitoto. it's not the juice, lemonade, it's the rind, the peel and the seeds.
8:50 am
which ones are they dangerous to. >> gang, bird, cat or dog? >> i'll go with bird. >> i'll go with bird. >> the answer is, dogs and cats. >> what did we learn yesterday, not to go with josh? >> never. >> sammy, i'm going to go with you next. we've got the guac -- >> doesn't that look delicious. on this one it is dangerousus especially to one pet but it is the stem, the seed, all parts of the avocado are dangerous. >> dogs and cats. >> i'm going to say dogs. >> how could a leaf or a twig -- >> i'm going to go with a bird. >> it is dogs and birds. for dogs it causes vomiting and diarrhea. for birds it's really dangerous, congestion, a lot of fluid on the lungs and heart. >> i had no idea. >> extremely dangerous for birds. >> getting it half right is real good for us.
8:51 am
>> okay, so what do we got next? what's most dangerous? >> poor jojo, this hamburger here, what is dangerous is onions, chives and garlicic >> onionsns, chives and garlic. >> you would think a dog or cat would never eat that. we have a pug at home that will eat anything. they will eat it. >> i'm going to go the dog. >> i'm going bird. >> i don't think a bird would eat it. i'll say dog and cat. >> you got it right. it is dog and cat. you got it right. >> yeah. >> dog and cat. >> up jets their stomach. >> it causes damage to the red blood cells so you get anemia and you can actually have a fatality. >> bad news. >> you got to be careful. >> so next up we've got tomatoes. they look beautiful. >> you notice we have green tomatoes, so in this, there's actually an alkaloid that causes distress, stomach distress, vomiting and diarrhea and if large quantities can cause
8:52 am
fatality. which breed is that? >> i would say everything. >> i'm going to say everything. i got to get it one-third right. >> i'm going to go with cats. they'll give us the hint there. >> turn it, turn it, one at a time. >> this one is bird and cat. >> i see. they want us to go with the sound effects the. did you get that, josh? >> this is very scary to me this next one because i will tell you if it's dogs i'm in trorole because my dog was like crazy for grapes and -- >> how was he after? >> no, no, always good but grapes -- >> that's a hint. >> all right. >> no, you know how before -- this is something little kids will give to them and it's very common to have -- remember avocados they're worried about birds this. is the one we worry about for -- are you ready for this, dogs. >> oh. >> oh, marty. >> it actually -- we don't know what causes it but for dogs it
8:53 am
actually causes kidney failure so this is one whether it's fresh or frozen and raisins, as well, so -- >> bad man. >> okay. >> the dog is still kicking. >> never again. >> humane society would love for you to adopt these beautiful pets. we'll be back in a moment. 8x8x8!
8:54 am
announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun.
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ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you.
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we showed you a happily married couple. they choose to live apart but because of the economy they have to live together. we asked would you like to live apart your your spouse? 72% said yeno. 17% said no and 12% said they weren't sure. see you tomorrow.
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8:59 am
they are on expected to announced ed ruskin to be the head of muni. according to the san francisco chronicle he has agreed to three-year contract as a director of the municipal transportation agency. ruskin has no transportation experience but he is well regarded by the mayor and board of supervisors. if you would like warm, you are going to like it today. >> still in the mid to upper 80s in the south bay and north bay. cooler around san francisco and oakland low to mid-70s. >> accident in san jose, this is northbound 85 the ramp to northbound 17, it is still there and blocking lanes and traffic is slow approaching the scene.
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